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You Become What You Believe

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

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Today I want to share with all of you one of the most important tools you can have in life. How many of you often have this negative chatter in your head? You try to ignore it, distract yourself, use substances, etc. In all of my experience in working with people and knowing their internal worlds one thing always exists - what you think will create who you are and how you live. I have worked with people who have money or are beautiful etc. however, they don’t think that they are worthy or good enough. So not only are they feeling unhappy but they become that which they fear most. I have experienced this myself. When I was young, I thought I wasn’t worthy so therefore, I lived an unworthy life. Learning to control your negative thoughts can be the most powerful tool you can have in life. Many people are unaware of their thoughts and kind of go on autopilot and create their lives accordingly. For example, a person who is always afraid that their partner will cheat on them pushes the person away and they often end up cheating. Alternatively, I know clients who were able to become aware of these negative thoughts and start being positive and achieve their dreams. Now, I am always very conscious of what I am thinking because I can control my reaction to my thoughts. This is like exercising a muscle inside yourself. Over time you eventually are thinking less negatively or if you have a bad thought you can change it quickly. ​

It’s so important to understand that not all thoughts are real. In fact, when people come to see me their thoughts are so negative and they just believe them. Most people don’t realize that our thoughts can be flat out lies. But most people don’t reality test this and believe the thought. This can determine how you feel inside as well as what your whole life looks like. It’s the most freeing feeling to not allow your thoughts to rule you and not feel anxious and depressed. Before working on myself,

I was constantly being ruled by my thoughts and the anxiety and depression it created. I was very young when I started treatment since it was so bad. It was an amazing process of self-discovery and learning how to control all of the negative chatter. I truly believe that we need to treat our internal world just as we treat our outer world - exercise, eat healthy, etc. It does make that much of a difference. So, in my struggle to heal myself I was able to find purpose in the pain and I now get a chance to be part of other people's journeys to find their true selves. You are worth it. You have purpose. You deserve to be happy!

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