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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

You create your own universe as you go along. – Winston Churchill

You Become what you believe!

Hey guys. I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned working with people’s internal world all of these years. I know this may sound mean, but this is one lesson we all need to learn. Everyone is more concerned with themselves and their world than judging and thinking about you. Therefore, we need to stop worrying about what others are thinking about us. I wish I could share with you how many clients spend most of their time thinking about what others think of them. Literally most of their experience in life is ruled by people that they may or may not know. Lives are built on this. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? But everyone including myself has done this. I was talking to my therapist years ago and I kept letting my thoughts of what people would think of me into every aspect of my life. Finally she looked at me and said, “Riesa, you’re not that important.” It took me a minute to digest this, but I started to feel free in that moment. As time went on, I gradually started to liberate myself and stop thinking about what I looked like, how much money I had, my career, children, house, . . . on and on. And I know many of you still suffer from this mentality. However, I am here to tell you that you can be free! It’s so amazing to finally relax within yourself with full confidence that you don’t have to be anyone else but YOU! Flaws and all! And guess what? What you dislike about yourself that seems different than everyone is what makes you uniquely, weirdly beautiful. I have seen clients get this realization and literally they look 10 years younger. You can see the tension release from their body. Decide today that you are going to stop this insanity and take over your mind, your thoughts, your feelings. We may not be able to control much in life, but you can’t let anyone else control how you think and define you. We all are perfectly imperfect. We are not meant to be perfect, and, quite frankly, perfect is boring. We are drawn to people who are their own person. Think of celebrities that we love. We love them because they are expressing their unique selves to everyone else in the world. The essence of who you are is what the world needs. Who wants to be like everyone else? I certainly don’t! I remember I was running a group with teenagers struggling with addiction and someone said I was weird. For a second I felt bad, and then I turned to him and said thank you. I don’t want to be anyone but me. Find out who you are and be that. I promise you that it will set you free. And imagine what you could be creating with all that space in your mind not occupied by what others think? Hmmm? Find out!

Riesa Minakan Psychotherapy - Ridgefield, CT

Riesa has been in the field for over 15 years. Her practice is in Ridgefield, CT and serves Fairfield County. She also works with people all over the country via Teletherapy. Now you can get your healing anytime and anywhere. At her upcoming speaking engagements you can meet her in person and feel the inspiration. We will keep you updated on dates and times.

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