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The Art of Adversity

That’s right guys. The truth is, growing is painful. I wish there was another way. Still this is a principle that if you don’t get you will never know your potential. We are going to face adversity in life and we need to be equipped to handle it. Guess what? Most of us are not. We do everything we can to avoid any discomfort in our lives and the avoidance just increases the pain. Because you just showed yourself that you can’t handle difficulties and it makes you feel weak. So, we build lives avoiding fear rather than lives we want. And the fear frowns like a monster in the dark. We don’t realize that our biggest gifts in life can be how we get out of the dark times. This is where we build our character and find out who we really are and start defining who are we going to be in life. Once you experience this you are not a sum of the bad things but a creation of strength that came from within and that can never be taken from you. Are you going to quit or are you going to get up and fight? Without going into details my ex of 7 years is still my biggest lesson. Let me tell you it is hard to voice gratitude towards a person who wants to take you down. Still I chose and continue to choose, including today, that he was only going to make me better and stronger and that I was someone who doesn’t give up. I was not going to allow this person to take up space in my head. Everyday, every moment we need to choose to learn from our challenges and determine to make ourselves better. It’s not easy, I’ve fallen many of times, however, the lesson is still the same. I know from all my years of experience working with people dealing with adversity - if you chose learning over loathing you will become your higher self and that’s when you are free. Alternatively, if you stay in the hate, fear, rage, unfairness, injustice.... it will eat away at your soul and take you down. Whomever, whatever doesn’t deserve any part of you. Decide today you will become better not broken through adversity and continue to learn from this classroom of life. If I can do it so can you! Love to all!

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