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The Lies we tell ourselves

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about another essential key in your internal wellness. It’s pretty simple, we tell ourselves lies and believe these thoughts! As human we are hardwired to expect a problem. However, this thought process today can cause anxiety, self-esteem issues, relationship problems and more. When I confronted this personally, I would tell myself that I had so many negative thoughts and beliefs about myself. It was if the other half of myself hated me and abused me. At the time I was completely unconscious of these thoughts but it dictated how I felt about myself and my choices in life. I would stay in relationships that weren’t healthy. I was afraid to go back to school because I didn’t think I could do it. You would be surprised how many people are being controlled by these negative thoughts. So, what do you do? The first part of self-examination is awareness and insight. When you know what your thinking you can now fight them. This can be a struggle and can literally make you feel like you’re in a war with yourself. Over time, this internal muscle in you starts to get stronger and you begin to see the positive attributes about yourself and can then make choices accordingly. Often these negative thinking patterns can originate from your family of origin and you then internalize these thoughts and beliefs about yourself. With a skilled therapist to help you become aware, change those lies and start seeing the truth about yourself. And then you will find your truth, authenticity and freedom of your mind. That’s when you are most beautiful, when you accept your uniqueness and realize you’re only supposed to be the best you. Now go create a beautiful day!

We are all champions

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