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The Myth of Motivation

Today I want to talk about one of the biggest myths your mind tells you that is false. The reality is that Motivation doesn’t just come to you – where you just wait for that day for you to FEEL it. You have to ACT your way out. Many a session I have had with clients that are stuck in their life and want to make a change but say “I just don’t have the motivation.” I’m here to say that nobody who accomplishes anything in life wants to do what is required to accomplish the task. Stop waiting to feel motivated! Motivation comes from doing and then feeling mastery over the task and then you start to feel the desire. It’s not going to come thinking about it. Clients tell me all the time - I’m just not motivated, I’m too depressed, anxious etc... Still, you can’t think your way to wanting to do something. You have to grab your internal strength and start doing it and then confidence and motivation will follow. I have teenagers that tell me they don’t want to go to school because they don’t have the motivation to go. And they don’t. A lot of my therapy work is explaining to my clients that they will never feel motivated until they DO! I’m going to go to the gym 5 times this week or I’m going to start writing or I’m going to stop this…. You know what I’m talking about. The reality is that motivation is not going to come to you. Stop waiting to FEEL like you will want to do this and that. There are times that you need to ACT yourself out of the situation. You need to have courage and fight and tell yourself that you need to DO. Listen, everyone struggles with this at some point or another. I definitely have had times in my life when I stopped doing and then started judging myself for not doing certain things. Then, I kick my ass. I tell myself I don’t have an option and I know that’s the way to feeling good about myself. Because when you continue to make promises to yourself and don’t do them you take a bit of your confidence away from yourself every time. So, start doing and stop thinking about “feeling” like you want to. Sorry to share the hard truth. But if you get it, you’ll be shocked what you can do. And I know you can do it all and I am right with you working on this myself. I hope that this will help someone. Love to all! Talk soon😉 Riesa

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