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Universal Truths

Hey guys! I have a secret that I want to share that most people don’t get to witness. As a therapist, I have seen patterns that when you collaborate with the universe you can create what you want in life. I know it’s hard to believe. Life is hard. However, there are ways to work with the universe to get what you want in life. Firstly, we all have a purpose in life. I have never met a person who hasn’t had a pull toward something that would ultimately contribute to the world. It’s our responsibility to find that purpose and share it with the world. Secondly, when we start pursuing this the universe will open doors for you and support this process. You’ll be amazed how much the universe is rooting for you! When I decided to become a therapist, which I refer to as my “calling in life,” I couldn’t believe the opportunities that came my way. It took me time to figure this out but when I did start to realize this, I couldn’t believe how easy things became. I could feel that I was in the flow of my life rather than trying to swim upstream. Now this can relate to any part of your life. Maybe you’re in a relationship that you know isn’t bringing out the best in you. Or you’re in a job that doesn’t represent your internal passion. It just feels like you are trying to make a circle a square. It can feel forced and not genuine to who you are inside. I see many clients that come into treatment to help them to try to figure out why they feel anxious and depressed. Often, it comes down to not waking up everyday living their truth but trying to make their real selves fit into the false person they are pretending to be. The problem with this is that you can never hide the truth from yourself! No matter how hard you try, you will end up sacrificing your own peace and happiness in life. When you are on your path it’s freeing, hopeful and peaceful. You are not supposed to be enduring life! Thirdly, when you begin to travel on your road of truth, and you are thankful for those doors opening your vision increases and you manifest your reality. Now remember, you can manifest your best life or your worst nightmare. I’ve also done the latter. For example, I married the wrong person for the wrong reasons and this certainly wasn’t in line with my truth as a person. I seemingly had everything and yet I was so unhappy. I couldn’t deny the fact that this was not my forever person and I was not at all my best self. It was a painful growth process but, diamonds are made by being crushed as well, right? So, it works both ways. That’s why it’s so important to know what you’re thinking and believing. I have seen these truths in people’s lives for over 15 years. People will ask me how can I be so sure that things will work out? Or, how do I know that better things are meant for me? Oh, I am very sure. In fact, I’m not sure about a lot of things in this mysterious life but I am sure of these principles. And they are true for everyone. When you take the risk to live honestly, the universe will be there to help support and guide you. These principles are true for everyone! So, when you decide to live your life authentically, you better get ready for a ride bigger than you could have ever dreamed of. I use these principles in my life daily. It amazes me how small we can feel in this vast world but I am here to tell you that this universe is invested in YOU being the unique person you are and sharing that with the world. That is what makes you beautiful! Hmmm, that’s a good blog idea? Till next time. Love to all! CHOOSE YOU!

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