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Where is the Karma?!

Hey, fellow friends and conscious living people! Have you ever felt like something really bad happened to you that was so wrong, not fair and not just? and yet there seems to be no consequences for the other person? Resentments are tricky. It’s incredibly hard to accept and let go of resentment and anger but you are only hurting yourself. I had a boss that was abusive and just plain cruel. I put up with the behavior for a few years. Finally, I left when I realized that it was slowly breaking my soul. It always happens so insidiously that you don’t even know that it’s happening until you realize your esteem is gone. When I left, I was finally free but I couldn’t escape the hatred I had for this person. When it was over, I was awakened to the reality of how badly I was treated so my anger increased. Now, this person and the abuse I allowed myself to endure was completely unjust. This wasn’t right nor is it fair. Life isn’t fair. This is another hard lesson to accept. Meanwhile, while I was spending my time in the anger and wanting revenge, this person is going on with their life without a care in the world. So, who is suffering? Who is winning in this situation? Exactly, I’m losing. The resentment kept me locked in with this person. I might as well have stayed working with the abuser as I wasn’t getting anywhere with my anger. I was still bonded with this person and wasn’t free at all. Someone once told me to pray for this person. This advice annoyed the crap out of me. Still, I had to try something. I didn’t start with praying for this person yet, (that was asking too much of someone 😊) however, I started to view the situation differently. I started to realize that if this person is so vile to their employees/human beings then, they cannot be a happy person inside. That was my Karma! I kept having to tell myself that I won as long as I realized that, thank God, I’m someone who wants to help people and shine a light in this world. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in the head of a person who treats people so poorly. So, when something happens to you that isn’t right or fair don’t let anything take control of your peace and happiness. Unfortunately, most times karma happens but we aren’t there to witness it. Remember you are not a mean person and if someone is that way to you, they are just as mean to themselves inside. Rest assured, karma has happened. So, you must keep reminding yourself that you really have won in the end. Still, it takes times to sink in, but over time, it will become your truth and you will move on and break the bond you had with the situation/person. At the same time, you realize that you are stronger than you thought. So, in the end, you become a better person. And maybe you will be able to give a prayer for the person who is still broken? Sending love and healing to you all!

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